Farm Aid 30 Concert

The crowd was infectious with positive energy. Loud, boisterous, dancing, singing,
screaming for more. 



Adventures With Kate PT. 1

Kate arrived on this earth with her own agenda and has stubbornly and persistently pursued it.


Adventures With Kate Pt. 2

In recent years, she’s become a spirit guide of sorts for me.




Shatter zones are places of refuge from, and resistance to, capitalist economies, state making, and state rule.





Accidental possibilities 




Less a blink and more a stare




SodomSong is an exhibition of photographs designed to accompany a countywide component to a National Endowment for the Humanities “suitcase” exhibit titled New Harmonies.



The Vanishing Culture of Agriculture

The Vanishing Culture of Agriculture is a long-term work-in-progress that focuses on family farmers, small farms, and rural communities.


On Assignment

Photos from various assignments throughout the years.