Little Worlds: A Work in Progress

Junior walking Pet to Water, Sodom, Madison County, NC 1979

Junior walking Pet to Water, Sodom, Madison County, NC 1979


  • Friday, September 8, 2017
  • 6:30pm  8:30pm
  • Fall Line Press675 Drewry Street, Suite 6Atlanta, GA 30306USA (map)

Explore Madison County, North Carolina through the eyes of Guggenhiem, NEH and NEA fellow Rob Amberg. Since moving there in 1973, writing and photographing the evolving culture and environment of this unique piece of Appalachia has been his lifetime project.

His first book, Sodom Laurel Album, is a cult classic now in its second printing and was published in 2002 by the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke and the University of North Carolina Press. His second book from Madison County, The New Road: I-26 and the Footprints of Progress in Appalachia, was published in 2009 by the Center for American Places at Columbia College Chicago. To complete the trilogy, a third book is in progress. Fall Line has been in conversation with Amberg about this third book currently titled Little Worlds.

The exhibition will feature framed prints as well as unframed working prints presented in a wall collage. Many of these images will appear in the third book, and it gives the viewer a chance to see the edit in process. The exhibition is intended to show some of the processes and decisions that go into the editing process of making a book. 



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We Are All Local - Faye and Kate

Faye and Kate, Valdese, NC 1992

Whatever misapprehension or concern Leslie's parents may have had about me - my Yankee ways or "he ain't from around here" attitudes - clearly vanished when we brought Kate into their lives. A grandchild was the one thing they wanted that they didn't have and Kate fulfilled their dreams and desires, and then some. Kate was nine years old when Jim passed away so his experience of her, and she of him, was limited. But Faye has gotten the full dose. And now, twenty-five years later, roles are reversed and Kate is more likely to be holding her grandmother although not wearing curlers.

Some Pictures - NSFW

Pompeii, italy 2017


It had been a long, dusty day in Pompeii. We were happy to get to the Forum, the main square in the city, close to the exits, knowing we could get a gelato at the snack bar. In the square there were a number of modern art sculptures on permanent display depicting historical and mythological figures. The sculptures were made of steel, and very large, and for the most part anatomically correct in that not-so-subtle Greek/Roman way. I enjoyed watching how different groups and individuals responded to Hercules' (I think it was Hercules) most impressive penis. This particular young man was with a group of friends, but he approached the statue alone with a confidence bordering on brashness. He sat down on the leg and put his mouth on the giant penis. The reaction from the group of people around the sculpture was quick and mixed. Mostly there were groans and sounds of embarrassment, but there was also laughter from his friends. The boy, sensing the displeasure, stopped, looked right at the crowd and announced, "It's okay, everyone. We are French."


Pompeii, Italy 2017